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How to Root Android Phone

How to Root Android Phone

Rooting an Android is similar to Jailbreaking in iOS. Rooting is defined as gaining super user access on your Android device. You can read detail article on What is Rooting? Along with Pros and Cons here. Note: If you are not aware about rooting than read What is Rooting? Prerequisites: Atleast 50% battery required Internet Connection […]

Safer Gmail For You Makes Hard To Get Scammed

Safer Gmail For You Making hard to get scammed

On Safer Internet Day 2016, Google the Tech Giant came up with two big changes for its mail service Gmail. With the implementation of these changes ,users can easily identify among Unauthenticated and Unencrypted mail. It would beneficial, as it will be hard to scam the Gmail users. Google is now providing the extra layer […]

Instagram New Feature Lets You Switch Between Multiple Accounts

Instagram, the mobile-photo, video-sharing and social network app has recently enabled the feature of adding and using Instagram multiple accounts on your favorite Instagram app. By using and implementing this feature it enables you to add and use multiple accounts officially. One  can add up to 5 accounts and can easily switch between them without even getting […]

What Is Google Adsense? How To Get Started With Google Adsense

adsense?What is Google Adsense? How to get started with Google

What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is an advertising program, started by the Google. This program allows the publishers to place certain ads (i.e. Text ads, Display ads or Text-Display ads) on there website, content, videos. The ads servered by the Google Adsense is full managed, maintained and operated by Google. Publishers can generate a […]

How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Result Within Site

How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Result Within Site

Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize your blog/site. Any one can quickly get started with Adsense and can easily place ads within their website. You can place Text Ads, Display Ads and Adsense for search to start earning from your blog. By implementing Adsense for search, the users can easily search […]

Tutorial to swipe images in android application

Tutorial to swipe images in android application

Looking for swiping an images in your Android Application? Yes; you are at right place. Try displaying images in grid view format too. Here, in this tutorial you would learn that how swiping of images takes place behind the scene. Well, here i have used Android Studio for the example.. By going through this you […]


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