This site can be a helping hand for the typography nerds and designers. It is quite tough for the typography geeks to mention the paring fonts. It’s not that easy. But thanks to this site that uses machine learning for generating the paring fonts.

This project is started by the engineer-designer Jack Qiao known as Fontjoy. It is backed with thousands of font, from which you can set around and you can set the primary choice while the site flips through suggestions. It allows you to lock the other two while site flips. The site creation extracts the vectors from font images and later vector arithmetic is used to compare different fonts.

“Through vector arithmetic we can isolate the features that represent visual concepts like serifs, obliqueness, and weight – or even more abstract concepts like legibility, kerning and color. One of the more interesting things we can do with font vectors is font pairing, or the problem of selecting fonts that work together in a design.” says Jack Qiao

Well, it is not likely to replace typography nerds in the near future. It is useful up-to some extent and you can have fun. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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