Google has always known for adding the hidden, secret and small games to it’s search engine. It allows you to play on the go and right on the search engine. As we know that a new toy “Fidget Spinner” is popular now a days.

Google took  no time to add a wonderful game to it’s search engine. To access this wonderful simulation game, you have to search the word “spinner” and make sure it is not the “fidget spinner” and it will return the wonderful virtual game.

I have it’s own mobile and desktop version and works good in Firefox and Chrome. The toy is exactly what you expect. Click on “SPIN” to keep fidget spinner in motion. Clicking continuously on the SPIN button will increase the rotation speed of the fidget. To stop, all you need to click on the fidget spinner.


Play hidden virtual fidget spinner on Google


Apart from the three-holed bearing fidget spinner there is a toggle button on the top right of the game. Toggle this button to switch to the virtual wheel of fortune.  You can set the wheel from 2-20. Finally, a good way to pass a bad time.

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