Google the tech giant, most popular search engine around the world is rising the user curiosity by constantly adding new things/features to its products and services. Recently Google announced Android Nougat update which is trending with its sweet features. Google is trying to collectively bring everything in a box as per the user preference by providing out of box features and efficient service.

Google has the hidden treasure of surprises. Recently, Google added two old and popular games in its search engine. Google added Solitaire and Tic-tac-toe games in Google search results. It is favorite among all ages. Both games you can play on web browser as well as on Android and iOS Google App.

How to Play Google Search Engine Games

All you need to type and search the game name on Google search engine to enjoy playing the game. Suppose you want to play Solitaire than search for Solitaire on Google and here you go. Solitaire comes with two difficulty level which is Easy and Hard. Select any of the difficulty level and start playing.


Play Solitaire Game on Google Search Engine


Another is Tic-tac-toe. It is one of my most favorite games and I still play occasionally. Well, this game on Google Search Engine is going to prove addictive. Make a search Tic-tac-toe on Google to play. It has three difficulty levels which is Easy, Medium, and Impossible. The good part is that two friends can also play by selecting Play against a friend.


Play Tic Tac Toe Game on Google Search Engine


These are just a sample of the delightful surprises that await you on Google. After all, Search is for so much more than research and practical matters — it’s for fun, too! says Google.

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Other than these two games, you can enjoy many other search features by searching flip a coin, roll a die can come handy. Small games also come handy in Google Doodle. These are all a good way to waste bad time and it is quiet addictive.


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Hope this does not prove addictive and a good waste of time. Play and let play others by sharing. Subscribe for direct updates right in your inbox. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.