Sometimes there could be a need arise that you do not want the specific categories to appear in RSS feed.  There could be certain reasons for not letting  certain category to show in RSS feed. There are plugins available to exclude category from RSS feed if you are not good at coding, but it can also be done using PHP code. Here In this article we will see both methods.


#1 Exclude Specific Category using RSS Filter plugin

RSS Filter plugin is very simple and easy to use. You can easily exclude the desired category with its user-friendly interface. All it is required to install and activate the RSS Filter plugin.

After activating, the RSS Filter option will be available in the left panel. Click RSS Filter. RSS Filter can also help excluding post, desired author articles and category. All you need to enter the ID of the category. Click Update. Now these categories would be excluded from the WordPress RSS news feed.


Exclude specific Category from the RSS Feed


#2 Exclude Specific Category using Ultimate Category Excluder plugin

Unlike RSS Filter plugin, there is no need to enter the ID for category exclusion. In fact it provide you the categories name to choose from. All you need to install Ultimate Category Excluder and activate the plugin. Once activated, navigate to Settings -> Category Exclusion to exclude the categories.

Here, it will show all the categories. As we want to exclude certain category from RSS Feed, check the category you want to exclude in the Exclude from Feeds Column. After checking, click on Update to take the settings you made to take effect.


Exclude specific Category from the RSS FeedExclude specific Category from the RSS Feed


#3 Exclude Specific Category using Manual method

In this method you need to write the code or you can also copy and paste the snippet in functions.php file. To implement this it is required to note the category ID that you want to exclude from RSS feed. Copy and paste the below snippet in the functions.php file.


function myFilter($query) {

if ($query->is_feed) {

$query->set('cat','-7 , -3 ’);    }

return $query;




Replace the category ID with yours (i.e. Replace -7 -3 with your category id). Save the  File. Securing WordPress site is necessary, Learn more about how you can secure your WordPress blog. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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