On Safer Internet Day 2016, Google the Tech Giant came up with two big changes for its mail service Gmail. With the implementation of these changes ,users can easily identify among Unauthenticated and Unencrypted mail. It would beneficial, as it will be hard to scam the Gmail users. Google is now providing the extra layer of information for easy identification of Unencrypted and Unauthenticated mails starting this week.

Now a days scam mails had became the major issue. People receive lots of emails of lottery and money winners and many other online scams. Also these mails is damn convincing that any one can get in trap. But now Google will help you identify those mails.

Google has always provided encryption using TLS (Transport Layer Security), it has tried its best to provide encryption on both ends but fails when sender mail service provider does not support the TLS encryption.

So now, when you receive a mail from someone or you are about to send email, whose mail service provider does not support TLS encryption, you will see a broken lock icon on the right side of senders field.

Safer Gmail For You Making hard to get scammed


If your email fails authentication, that means if Google is unable to verify the source – So It could be a scam. So to avoid this and identify, Google will place Red question mark in place of profile photo or avatar or corporate logo.


Safer Gmail For You Making hard to get scammed


Not necessary that all mails with such mark are scams. But its better to be safe when your are sending or replying to mails or when clicking on the various links.

Google has not still not announced that when it will be available for Gmail Android or iOS app. But soon you will see these changes on web in a week.

Stay safe with Google. Keep Sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.