In my past article I have wrote about the various search engine with their description and their distinct quality regarding the technology they use or the results they provide. Recently I have discovered the search engine that is very efficient in making your business grow with each search you perform. Are you looking for Business growth or are you a Marketing professional looking for the target consumers or are you willing to connect and engage with relevant business customers than believe me, this search engine can bring you a excellent search results that helps wide the horizons of your business. The search engine I am talking about is Qwory. Qwory is mainly for the business and marketing professionals seeking more business.


Search Engine For Business QWORY


Qwory is the search engine specifically to seek business. Business can be any, hence Qwory have categorized the various different business like Cafes, Information Centers, Restaurants, Motels, Advertising, Digital Marketers and much more. Qwory is free and allows you to perform unlimited search. It lets you Email the searched results or you can download the results in the Excel format. It includes information like emails, phone numbers, location, business, size, social accounts. Qwory also facilitates with the paid result. With free plan it provides only 10 contacts per month and increase with the paid plans. You can check the pricing at Qwory Pricing. One can also go for custom plan.

How Qwory works

Qwory states that “Qwory’s crawlers have scanned all of the .com domains – 127 million websites so far; this independent database means we don’t rely on any 3rd party API”. Each month the algorithm of Qwory scans the website to serve you with a brand new and fresh data. So with Qwory you can find all the data at one place and you do not need to check out each and every website for getting or fetching information. The most important thing is that it server information in Excel file with well formatted information which results in increased productivity. Get hands on experience with Qwory now.

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