Suppose you visited any website and there is certain couple of categories, but only one or two categories are of our use or need. Now you want to subscribe or see the news feed only of the desired category. So this same situation could arise for your WordPress powered website users too. So how can you offer the separate WordPress RSS feed to your users. There are plugin available for implementing the same, but if you do not want to use plugin then there also exist a manual and non-technical way.

#1 Separate RSS Feed Using Plugin

To generate separate RSS feed for each category, all you need to install Category Specific RSS feed Subscription and activate the plugin.

After activation, navigate to Settings -> Category Specific RSS. Configure as per your requirements and click Update Options. Its free and easy to use. With the use of the above mentioned plugin you can

– Show Category RSS for All Categories

– Show Author RSS for All Authors

– Show Post Count for Each Category or Author

– Show RSS Feed Image

– Show Custom RSS feeds below


#2  Separate RSS without using any plugin

This method does not need any plugin. All you need to include /feed at the end of the specific category URL. I am demonstrating using hosting category at tech tunes.

The normal URL for hosting category is

Now all you need to add the /feed at the end of the URL

Same you can do for the various category and bookmark it for later reading on it.


This is how you can get the separate RSS feed for each category. RSS feed helps browsing the site when you are facing the slow INTERNET connection issues. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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