Spyware is a computer threat, which is categorized under malware that is likely installed on the user’s computer without their knowledge. Spyware is generally a type of software. Sometimes such software are installed for tracking the users activity in corporate world, which is a requirement and there it is no longer a threat or parents can install such software on their kids computer for tracking their activities.

Well, what makes such software a spyware? It could be defined by its behavior. The software that is installed without the user knowledge and collects personal and sensitive information, track browsing activity without user consent to target ads (also known as adware), they are tend to be hidden. These are few of the software behavior that define software as a spyware. Spyware can be used by cyber criminals to steal the user personal and sensitive information. It can transfer the user information when connected to the network in background process.


Spyware – From where it comes

Generally, spyware is installed when user install any free software. Spyware can be bundled with any software available over the internet. If the user installs any software that is bundled with spyware, then automatically the spyware is installed without the user concern and the user not even know about it. It could be a software or any other free video or music or movies. Downloading or opening the email attachment can also result into the spyware installation. A click on pop-up with security alerts like “Your PC is unprotected” can also result in spyware installation.


Spyware Symptoms
  • Every time you browse unwanted pop-ups come on
  • Unwanted installed toolbars in browsers, new homepage
  • Computer slowdown and unwanted crashes
  • High Network usability and unwanted pop-up message
  • Redirection to another destination while browsing
  • Default settings changed of the computer


Spyware Removal

One should use good Anti-Virus software, generally anti-virus have a anti-spyware package installed. If you are Windows 8.0+ OS user then it has inbuilt Windows Defender installed. Windows Defender also work as anti-malware and anti-spyware. Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool can come handy for spyware Removal for Windows 7 users.


Spyware Prevention
  • It is good practice to read all disclosures and privacy statement while installing any software (but its hard). Its good to install good anti-virus software instead and keep it up to date
  • Avoid installing file installation or file sharing programs
  • Keep OS up to date and use firewall
  • Use Anti-Virus and keep it up to date
  • Download software from trusted source and avoid installing un-verified and un-trusted software


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