Being in an online world the terror of gaining control over individual personal information has increased.  You would have heard about the incidents like theft of personal information like Credit cards, Debit Cards. Social Security Number, Person Identity, Legal Documents, Medical Information and much more like that. One can achieve a desired malicious task with this information. To avoid such information theft SSL certificate is used for securing the information. Let’s know what is SSL certificate and much more about it.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is the digital certificate that creates a secure tunnel between Web server and the client browser for the information exchanges. SSL encrypts the information and exchange the information in an undecipherable format over the internet. The undecipherable data can only be decrypted with appropriate decryption key. SSL protects the client personal information from an unauthorized access by the third-party (hackers). If somehow information is achieved by the Hacker with the man-in-middle attack than also it would be in cipher/encrypted format and the decryption key can only revert that cipher/encrypted data into normal form, which would be available at web server and the client browser either. Though data is captured but it would be hard to decipher back.


What is SSL Certificate? Who Should Use SSL Certificate?


Who Should Use SSL Certificate?

The organization or individual whose website is intended to the personal information exchange of the user like Online Banking, Email services, Social networks or anything private should use the SSL certificates. Using an SSL certificate will provide the information of the organization and users can trust to perform further information transaction. In short the SSL certificate provides the actual identity of the owner of website. Google has adjust the indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages than HTTP pages, so SSL will make your website SEO friendly.

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Who Should Not Use SSL Certificate?

If your website is not dealing with personal information of client, then it is not mandatory to use.  It can be a blog or informative website because here no exchange of information takes place. Suppose few web pages on your website exchange the personal information than use SSL certificate on those web pages only and not in whole website because it would make your connection slower because it takes time to decrypt and encrypt information and use resources.

How To Identify That Connection Is Secure Or Not?

  • Check your URL and make sure that URL address starts with HTTPS:// and not from HTTP://. Here the s stands for SSL, it denotes that SSL certificate is installed and it is secure.
  • Check the Lock symbol on the address bar. It could be a green lock symbol denotes connection is secure. Sometimes it shows the lock symbol in grey color with yellow triangle. It means that the connection is partially secure because some elements in that web page is not secure. It could be images or any other element.

What is SSL Certificate? Who Should Use SSL Certificate?

How To Get SSL Certificate?

To get SSL certificate you can buy it from the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate provider and install it on your web server. Then you need to make the necessary changes for the https:// protocol. Since you need to buy an SSL certificate from the SSL vendors but there is also an open-source SSL certificate known as Let’s Encrypt. If Let’s Encrypt feature is enabled by your hosting service provider than you can easily install and use SSL certificate in your website. In my upcoming article I will demonstrate on How To Install And Use Let’s Encrypt SSL in your Website

Get Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate Now


SSL certificates has an remarkably advantages to be used in your website. SSL certificates can benefit in terms of security, SEO, client trust and much more. As it is good so it comes at price but there is also open-source SSL which i would demonstrate in my next article. Hope this article gave you the good understanding on SSL certificates. If this article helped you than do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes. Don’t forget to subscribe for direct updates.