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Is End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Apps Private Enough?

Is End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Apps Private Enough?

With the integration of Open Whisper System in popular apps like WhatsApp, Google Allo for end-to-end encryption, official and confidential conversation are migrating from emails to these encrypted apps. End-To-End encryption is defined as the intended sender and the intended receiver can only read the message, other than them not even the service provider (Google, […]

WhatsApp Introduced End-To-End Encryption In Android & iOS

WhatsApp Introduced End-End Encryption In Android & iOS

WhatsApp Inc. The messenger giant has finished and rolled out end-to-end encryption support. Last year WhatsApp partnered with Whisper Systems to enable the end-end encryption support for its one billion active users. And Today it has completed the encryption fully. WhatsApp says The idea is simple: when you send a message, the only person who […]

Safer Gmail For You Makes Hard To Get Scammed

Safer Gmail For You Making hard to get scammed

On Safer Internet Day 2016, Google the Tech Giant came up with two big changes for its mail service Gmail. With the implementation of these changes ,users can easily identify among Unauthenticated and Unencrypted mail. It would beneficial, as it will be hard to scam the Gmail users. Google is now providing the extra layer […]