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Facebook Messenger enables Song Sharing through Spotify

Facebook Messenger recently introduced the Multi Account feature. Now, Facebook Messenger lets you to share the music without leaving the app with your friends. Messenger users can now enjoy music sharing from the Messenger itself and users will retain to Messenger. To start enjoying music sharing head over to More (…dots) option on your Messenger […]

Facebook Messenger allows multiple accounts on Android Messenger

Recently Instagram rolled out Instagram multiple account feature. Facebook Messenger introduced  multiple accounts feature on Android Messenger app in latest update, which will allow users to manage more than one chatting account. Read How to chat, when Facebook is banned! Facebook Messenger allows using multiple accounts sharing the same device. Worried about other user will […]

Facebook banned? Wants to chat? Try Facebook Messenger Web

Facebook banned? Wants to chat? Try Facebook Messenger Web

Working in Industry? Facebook is banned? Wants to chat to your Facebook friends? Then here you go. Facebook , the world’s leading and most popular social network who has 1.59 Billion active users on Facebook each month. Also the WhatsApp, the popular messaging app have 900 Million active users, 800 Million on messenger, and 400 […]