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Replace iPhone 6s Battery with Apple’s battery replacement program

iPhone 6s Battery

Is your iPhone 6s is getting unexpectedly shutdown? If yes than your device could have the manufacturing defect. Not all iPhone 6s device , but few which are manufactured between September and October 2015 are likely to face this issue according to Apple. This issue is possible occurred due to the battery issue. To solve […]

Facebook brings Halloween Reactions, Masks to Facebook Live

facebook live halloween mask

Facebook introduced a fun way to celebrate a Halloween on its platform. Facebook allows its users to to celebrate Halloween in a new way by going live on Facebook and react with Halloween reactions. Facebook provides a limited-edition Halloween-themed masks while sharing a live video on Facebook live. They also launched the limited-edition Halloween reactions […]

Lifestage: Facebooks’s app for youngster arrived for Android

Lifestage Facebooks app for youngster arrived for Android

Recently, Facebook released it’s Lifestage app for Android. Lifestage was initially released for the iOS users before few months. Lifestage is the teenager only app. Are you a youngster? If the answer is yes than, this is for you. If your answer is no, sorry! This app is not for you. After gaining some popularity […]

Apple’s September 2016 Event Announcements Summary

Apple’s September 2016 Event Announcements Summary

Apple’s long awaited event has finally occurred and it was a grand success. If you have missed the event and too tired to stream the long 2 hour (approx.) video. Than this is something important for you. Here, is what Apple announced everything at the event. Apple Music The Apple major and most popular music […]

Apple’s September 2016 Event: Where is it, At what Time, How can you watch it live, what to Expect

Tomorrow, that is September 7: A big day for the Apple product launch. The most awaited and rumored Apple product, iPhone 7 will be unveiled tomorrow. Well, WWDC was a grand success early this year, with the launch of iPhone SE.  Here, is something that you should be aware of before the Apple’s Event. A […]

Apple Apps on Google Play Store: Apple makes easy to migrate from Android to iOS

Apple users would be curiously waiting for the upcoming event, which is planned to be held on September 7 at San Francisco. Well, September has been the big month for the launch of Apple products from the recent years. Is Apple going to launch its new phone, which is iPhone 7? What surprises are coming […]

7 Lesser known Google apps that you should know

7 Lesser known Google apps that you should know

Google: the tech giant, well known as the search company. Other than the search giant, Google is an advertising company too and it offers various products and services like Android, Automaker, Research Labs, AI and much more. Well, there are many Google products and services from which users are still unaware of. Here, I am […]

Beware of Fake Android Prisma Apps on Google Play Store

Prisma: the popular photo transformation AI based app which is available on both iOS and Android platform. It has become the most popular app among users. Prisma is launched on Android platform since 10-12 days before. Since the Google play store is flooded with lots of duplicate prisma apps. ESET researchers discovered fake Prisma apps […]