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How to install WordPress on BlueHost cPanel

Do you know that WordPress recommends BlueHost! BlueHost comes up with affordable and flexible plans includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting. I personally  recommend BlueHost for WordPress, as I started hosting with BlueHost and I have a hands on experience. As per my personal experience, I have no query with bluehost but only one cons I […]

How To Migrate Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress [Without Downtime]

Migrate Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

The two major platforms for blogging is Blogger and WordPress. Many bloggers starts their blogging career with free with sub-domain. Whereas also give you the facility to host your blog for free with limited features.  In this article we are going to migrate the blog from blogger to [self-hosted]. If you are […]

Top 5 Backup Plugins For WordPress Website

Backup Plugins For WordPress Website

Why you need Backup Plugins for WordPress? WordPress powers 25% of internet websites. Is your blog hosted on Are you willing to have more control over your website or blog? But before you go through the exciting article on moving your blog on self-hosted,  know the difference between and [with Infograph]. Don’t […]