In last couple of years, cyber crime is increasing rapidly. With the increase in technology and enhanced security, cyber criminals are fond of finding ways to penetrate and crack into the security. Emerging social media has become the major platform for terrorists to trap and recruit the newbie to join their terrorist network. So, here the question arise how they would be hiding their identity over the internet. Keep reading to get answer.

According to the report released by Flashpoint which is a leading Global Leaders in Deep & Dark Web Data, ISIS use number of tools to avoid being identified and stay anonymous over the internet. They have been constantly learning, upgrading, adapting to grab the complex technologies. They are constantly advancing technology in every way to achieve anonymity.

Jihadists are constantly on alert for ways to obfuscate their online activities. For intelligence agencies and eavesdroppers, e-mail surveillance is a primary way to monitor an actor. As such, today’s jihadists take precautions to mitigate this risk. Over the past two years, jihadist chatter within Deep and Dark Web forums indicates that pro-ISIS and Al-Qaida actors employ numerous encrypted and temporary e-mail services to communicate confidentially and advance their digital agendas. says Flashpoint

Honest of ISIS are using secure browsers like Tor and Opera to surf the internet invisibly. Since, the NSA is also monitoring the Tor traffic. So, Tor is not the reliable resource to go anonymous. They are also taking full advantage of messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption

The list of tools ISIS use to achieve anonymity

  • Secure Browsers : Tor and Opera (Opera provide inbuilt VPN service)
  • VPN: CyberGhost VPN for IP masking and surf anonymously
  • Email: Gostmail, Hushmail, Protonmail for encrypted email communication
  • Locker: This app automatically deletes all data if incorrect attempt to unlock a device is made
  • Fake GPS: It helps broadcasting manual selected location and not the actual location
  • Telegram: Flashpoint adds “Telegram is  top choice among both individual jihadists and official jihadist groups.”
  • They use number of Radio stations apps for global synchronization among group

ISIS group can best come up with the open source software and application for achieving anonymity. These are some of the tools used by them. Hence, people promote privacy, security, encryption for a good cause and safety of individual but these can used as firewall, if it falls in wrong hands.

“I don’t think that there are too many [makers of encrypted communication tools who] can say that bad guys don’t use their stuff, accurately,” NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett said during the Defense One Tech Summit.

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