It has been a quite long since i have posted my previous article, as I was  busy in configuring my new website for WordPress lovers. Let us come to the point. What if you want to know the person has opened your mail? or Whether he has opened the url sent by you?. Sometimes it became a need to get that information. Here, I am sharing few ways for getting the information regarding your sent mail like read receipts and tracking mails. Gmail, the most popular and one of the best Mailing service around the world which provides flexibility, amazing &important  features, user-friendly interface. How could you know that someone have read the message you have sent or opened an url that you have sent.

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In past, Gmail allowed the users to request the read receipts facility but later on Gmail discontinued that service. Now read receipt facility is not supported by Gmail. So here I am sharing the other ways to know, that user have opened the desired mail using third party utilities. Google for work supports the read receipt facility.

How to get read receipt on Gmail

Track via URL

By using the url shortener utility provided by or you can track your email. When the user click the url, which is shortened by using any of these service. Now suppose I am shortening my blog url and mailing to one of my colleague. When he will open that mail and click on the link, you will get statistics regarding the mail has been opened and how may clicks is being pressed. It provides quite interesting information in depth by clicking on details.

[one_second]How To Track & Get Read Receipt In Gmail[/one_second][one_second]How To Track & Get Read Receipt In Gmail[/one_second]


Track using Boomeranggmail

Boomerang is the utmost Gmail extension available for Firefox and Chrome for read receipt facility. Other that read receipt it comes with bundle of amazing features like Schedule mail, send email later, Email reminders. Install Boomerang for Gmail now. Once installed open Gmail in new tab and there you can see Boomerang while you compose mail.

How To Track & Get Read Receipt In Gmail

To request read receipts, click on ? icon, which is located on the right-bottom corner. You can view the statistics by opening the sent mail or you will get the notification from Boomerang regarding mail statistics. Also it will track the number of clicks. Here I am sharing the screenshot for better understanding. A better and important utility. Isn’t it? Know the best VPNs and stay in secure with privacy

How To Track & Get Read Receipt In Gmail


Track using TAILMAIL

TAILMAIL is the free utility allows you to get various statistics on when emails are read, location of recipient, when that mail is forwarded. It is completely free and no registration is required. No download or installation is required; you can start on the go. How would you use TAILMAIL?

  • Generate the tracker ID
  • Open Gmail in new tab
  • Copy the New Tracker Image (*** ***) and paste in the mail body
  • To track generated id, Copy the generated id (i.e. rvdn70amgu4) and scroll down to Get Report on this tracker id and paste.
  • Here you will get the report and you can clear the history at any point of time.

How To Track & Get Read Receipt In Gmail


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