With Google’s new feature Google Destinations, it has became trouble free to plan your vacations. It assists you with the travel guide. This feature enables well planning for your next trip. Google’s destinations will help you finding the destination for your trip along with when to plan. And the most important it will also assist you with the cheap hotel and flight bookings.

According to Google, they have introduced this feature based on the last years internal data, which is likely half of users has queried travel related information on Google from mobile. This feature is only limited to the mobile phones. Still it is not available on the web.  Google Destinations provides the quick overview about the destinations that what you can do there, which places you should visit and much more. These feature will help increase in sales and booking, which results in benefits for the business.

In order to book the ticket of flight or booking an hotel, Google will redirect the user to the airline or hotel website respectively. The beauty of this feature is that it will also pop up the dates and it tells that when the rates for the desired destination, flights, hotels would be cheap. So that you can have your vacations within budget. This feature will provide ease of finding affordable destinations, hotel or flights instead of searching the bulk of websites for finding the affordable rates.

To use this feature, Head over to Google in your mobile and search for the destination like Europe Destinations, Spain Surfing or New Zealand hiking or any of your favorite destinations. Than find deals and flexible dates and know when to go and let Google calculate the estimated price for you.

Will you plan your vacations using Google’s Destinations? Let me know in comments and also share your experience with Google Destinations.

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