YouTube, the most popular premier video site on the web. Lots of videos are uploaded each day on YouTube and it is also used for live streaming service. Recently, YouTube introduced the YouTube Tv. Well, if you are a regular or a casual YouTube user then these YouTube URL tricks are gonna prove hacky for you.

You can tweak YouTube in one or another way but here are some selected YouTube URL tweaks you can instantly start with. Let’s start with bypassing age restriction on YouTube.


#1 Bypass age restriction

Lots of videos on YouTube contains mature content and YouTube imposes age restriction on those videos. To view those videos, you are required to have Google account and need to login for Age verification. If you don’t want to login then you can use this YouTube tweak.


Try out these 5 YouTube URL tricks


The URL for the above Age restricted video is

Now, all you are required to delete watch? And replace = with /

Now the video will be played in the fullscreen and like this you can watch the age restricted video on YouTube without signing in.


#2 Start from wherever you left off

You are watching any video and you are required leaving the video in between. Generally, if you copy and paste the video URL back then it will start from the beginning. To avoid this you can append the time stamp at the end of the URL.


Try out these 5 YouTube URL tricks


For example the URL is

If you want to start this video from 1:30 (1 minute 30 seconds) then just append the time-stamp by adding ?t=90s or ?t=1m30s

This trick can also be useful when you want to show the video to anyone starting from the desired time.


#3 Skip Intro

This trick is similar to the above trick. This YouTube can be used to skip introduction of certain amount of time of any video. Here minutes won’t work so we will use seconds. Append &start=60 at the end of the URL to start skip the one minute part of the video.

For example the URL is

Add &start=60 and the URL becomes


#4 Loop Video

If you are using the YouTube for listening songs and you are into your favourite song and want to listen repeatedly then you can listen that song over and over again repeatedly. To do this you need to use the third-party service that is

Replace with

This will play the desired video song repeatedly.


#5 GIF of the YouTube video

Are you willing to create the GIF of any part of YouTube video? Well, you can easily create GIF of any part of the YouTube video. All you are required to add the gif before the YouTube link. This will redirect you to the Gifs .com. Here, you can edit as per your needs. Once done it will create the share link and you can also download it. This service work for the video whose duration is less than an hour.

For example the URL is

Change it to


There are lots of tweaks available but you can of course start with these. It is possible that any of the above would be stop working in future. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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