Wikipedia is the first online resource, that strikes in mind when we want to know or learn more about something or want information about anything over internet. Wikipedia have reinvented the way we gather or get information about anything for free.

Wikipedia has tons of quality content and is the most popular reference site for information about any object. Well, sometimes Wikipedia lacks in providing accurate and latest information because there is no surety that it has been edited or updated by an community expert. Well, here are the alternatives to find information or a quick answers to your question.


#1 Appropedia

Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of sound principles and appropriate technology and the sharing of wisdom and project information. It is a wiki, a type of website which allows anyone to add, remove, or edit content. Registration is encouraged but not required for contributors.


#2 Wolfram|Alpha

Wolpheamalpha is an answer engine with the power of computational knowledge. Wolphramalpha was launched on May 18, 2009. It is basically written in Wolphram Language, which is the programming language of mathematics and is developed by Wolphram Research. It is best for those who wants to learn or explore mathematics.


#3 Bibliomania

Bibliomania offers more than 2000 classic texts online for you to peruse, as well as study guides and a searchable index. 800+ texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides. Large reference book and non-fiction section.


#4 Conservapedia

Conservapedia is a clean and concise resource for those seeking the truth, which is founded in November 2006. It helps to educate. It equips students and adults to overcome inevitable obstacles, such as addiction and depression, and it guides learners to lasting insights.


#5 Encyclopedia Mythica

Encyclopedia Mythica contains 7,000+ articles. The popular areas are Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Celtic mythology and Native American mythology. The mythology section is divided to six geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. Each region has many clearly defined subdivisions that will ease your search.


#6 Webopedia

Webopedia contains all the information about the computer technology. It helps keeping you updated with the technology. It has the huge resource for guides on various computer related terms and technology.


#7 Scholarpedia

Scholarpedia is a peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written and maintained by scholarly experts from around the world. Scholarpedia is inspired by Wikipedia and aims to complement it by providing in-depth scholarly treatment of topics within the fields of mathematics and sciences including physical, biological, behavioral, and social sciences.


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