It’s been a boring task to on the phone whenever you are about to use the phone, while taking out of pocket or react to the notification on your Android phone. What if your Android phone gets automatically in when you take out from pocket or you pick it from table? Cool! This is all, what we want, right? It not only automates your efforts but it could be pretty useful when your power button is dead or about to break. To achieve this automation and get a bit lazy, all you need to download Gravity Screen app on your Android phone.

Gravity Screen app automatically detects the movements of your phone by proximity and position sensors on your Android phone. The proximity sensor help automatically turn your phone on when you take out from pocket and turn off when you keep it back to pocket. Position sensor turn on your phone at certain angle or distance set by you, we will catch this in article by setting an angles.

Pocket Sensor

Pocket sensor feature automatically detects and turn off your phone when placed in pocket. It can also turn your phone on and off at certain angle position set by you in the settings of Gravity Screen. You can set minimum to 0 degree to maximum 90 degree. After setting the angle tick on Any Direction. Suppose, if you change your mind in future than simply deselect it.

Table Sensor

Table sensor detects and turns off your phone if it’s lying on the table. You can still change the angle from flat surface to any, but if you are suppose to change the angle than you also need to uncheck the Any Direction option that you have checked in the Proximity Sensor setting.

Turn Screen ON by Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor will on your phone when you take it out from pocket and turn off when you place back. Another feature I like is that you can also wake up the phone by swiping your finger on proximity sensor.

Turn Screen ON by Motion

Well, this feature is not supported by all the Android phones so alternatively you can use the proximity sensor way if it pop up error. This feature helps wake your screen when device moves or it face upwards. The timeout option can help to set a time interval to limit the time while device can be woken up. In sensitivity sensor settings it’s good to set it as high as possible to avoid turning your phone on. You can set as low as zero and as high as 100, it does not have any restriction as there was in Timeout feature.

Keep Screen ON by Motion

This feature keeps your screen awake and extends the screen timeout. It picks small movements while you are holding the phone upward because it suspects that you are watching something in phone and extends screen timeout. It recommends to set as high as sensitivity to work better. Power Button Support option; if your screen is turned off by power button, it would not turned on by app automatically.

Gravity Screen also offers other features like vibration, notification settings, disabling your lock screen and many more. Try Unlock your Windows/ Mac PC using your Android Phone. Hope you enjoyed this article, do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.