A new law passed by the Russian government that mandates all the Internet service provider should log the users traffic for one year. Private Internet Access the VPN service provider in Russia, has took the immediate steps to cut the service to Russia as they believe that their servers has been seized by the Russian Government for not following the new detention laws imposed by the Russian Government.

Private Internet Access is provided by London Trust Media Pvt Ltd in Los Angeles, which holds that it does not log any data of the user or any other logs and due to that it is likely to be targeted as it fails to follow the new rule that ask service provider to log data for one year.

We believe that due to the enforcement regime surrounding this new law, some of our Russian Servers (RU) were recently seized by Russian Authorities, without notice or any type of due process said Private Internet Access

As a result, they immediately discontinued the Russian gateways and cut the service in Russia. For preventative reasons, we are rotating all of our certificates.  Furthermore, we’re updating our client applications with improved security measures to mitigate circumstances like this in the future, on top of what is already in place.  In addition, our manual configurations now support the strongest new encryption algorithms including AES-256, SHA-256, and RSA-4096 said Private Internet Access

The new law has take over the anonymity in the country and took control over VPN, Tor, privacy, proxy of the user. If you are using Private Internet Access service than you would need to update desktop clients and Android app at Google Play. Manual openvpn configurations users must also download the new config files from the client download page.

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