What is Web Hosting?

Let’s not dive into complicated terms and keep it simple. Web hosting is where your website files (html, pictures, documents, etc) are placed. Web hosting lets you to place your personal entity to public by placing all the entities on the server which in turn connected to internet and serve those files to the public based on the request.

What is Web Hosting? Shared VS VPS VS Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, the name itself suggest that sharing a server resource among various entities or with other websites.  In shared hosting there are hundreds and thousands of websites hosted on the same server. Individual directory is assigned to each user in which individual user can place or upload the website files in their assigned directory. Shared hosting is most economical and affordable. Each and every resource is shared like CPU time, Memory, Disk Space, etc. In shared hosting server is administrated and maintained by hosting provider. Generally shared hosting uses control panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Interworx, etc from which users can manage their website. Shared hosting is cheapest among all. It is like living in an shared room with many roommates in apartment.


  • It is cheapest
  • Hosting provider provides security by installing firewall, server security application and another programs
  • Servers are maintained and managed by Hosting provider
  • Any individual with less technical knowledge can manage website


  • Lacks full control
  • Performance of the server cannot be controlled
  • More traffic can drain performance


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VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS comes between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS is a virtual machine created on Physical server.  CPU time, Memory is shared among all users in the machines but the desired amount of resources is allocated to each unit that is not shared by everyone.  Hence sharing is less and you have separate allowance or space. This is expensive than shared hosting but powerful than shared hosting. It provides root access to user. It is like a row house in society where roads and playgrounds are shared but have individual allocated space for home.


  • User have root access over OS
  • Powerful than shared hosting
  • Separate space is allocated
  • Better performance and fast loading speed


  • Bit more expensive than shared hosting
  • Few resources are shared
  • Technical knowledge is required to manage server


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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting host only single website on single server and it comes at a costly price. There is no sharing of resources. You have full control over the server. No other accounts reside on that server.  It is most powerful and expensive. It requires advanced technical knowledge to manage and maintain dedicated server. You can also get the managed dedicated server but it costs more. It is like owing a house and all resources belongs to you.


  • User have full control over the physical server (Every resource belong to you)
  • No other account resides on your server
  • Best performance


  • Most expensive
  • Advanced Technical knowledge is required to maintain and manage server
  • For your every stuff, you are responsible
  • Who should go for Shared Hosting?


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Who should go for Shared Hosting?

If you are a blogger or you are just starting up for the small business or you want to host a website which have less resource than shared hosting is best for you. If you are just initiating and have less budget than go for Shared hosting. It will be well suited for the above peoplr who are looking for the start.

Who should go for VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is suited for the websites consist more requests and have maximum traffic. Hence to handle these request VPS hosting is recommended. VPS is expensive than shared hosting.

Who should go for Dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is preferable for the large companies with maximum resources and traffic. Dedicated servers lets you install everything which is needed for your website and provide full controls. Preferable for complex requests whose response needs or based on complex mathematical or exponential calculation or anything. It is suitable for any number of visitors on your website.

Make a wise decision in choosing hosting. Get in touch with tech guys for advise. Choose the plan that suits you and is as per your budget. Let me know in comments which plan you preferred and why.

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