In layman terms Affiliate Marketing is one of the way to earn money online. Affiliate marketing lets you earn the profit from the online sales of the product or services promoted by you, on your platform through different means of promotions. Platform can be a website, a blog or any other promotional platform as per the terms and condition of the affiliate marketing of the company or product.

You can start earning today by joining the various Affiliate Program available online. Affiliate program is available in the form of pay-per-click (pays you when advertisement is clicked), pay-per-lead (pays when you lead the customer to the merchant site), pay-per-sale (pays you when sales is performed from your website) and many more.

Many get confused among Affiliate Marketing and Referral  Marketing and thinks that both are same. But it is wrong, both program have their own distinguish characteristics. The main distinct characteristic is that Affiliate Marketing is purely based on financial motivation (Profit) and Referral Marketing is purely based on trust and relationship.

In Affiliate Marketing Company (Merchant), Publisher and consumer plays an important role.

Company (Merchant): He is a seller of the service or product who wants to perform the sales through various means of marketing including Affiliate Marketing.

Publisher: He is the one who is the owner of the website or the blog and promotes the product of the merchant on his platform by joining the Affiliate Marketing program of the Company(Merchant). And the sales from his platform earn him a good commission.

Consumer: He is the one who buys the service or the product directly from the Company(Merchant) or from the platform of the publisher where publisher has promoted the company(Merchant) product or service.

Affiliate programs are free to join. Anyone who have platform to promote the product can sign up for the program. Some instantly approve the registration and some programs might take2-3 business days in order to give approval.

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