When it comes to hosting, you might have many times heard the word CDN, for better optimization, fast loading, reduced latency of your website. Now you might be wondering what is latency? In simple words, Latency is the duration of time between the call time and the response time.  Latency should me minimum. Person with technical background are aware of CDN but those you are not continue reading.

What is CDN?

CDN is the Content Delivery Network or Content Distributed Network. The words itself says that it does the process of delivering the content of your website. The sole purpose of the CDN is to deliver the content with high availability and high performance. CDN serves the variety of content which include webpages (text,graphics,scripts), media, objects to download and much more.

Let us take example to better understand the CDN Network. Suppose you are using Shared hosting plan and  your website is hosted on Bluehost. The servers of the Bluehost is located in London,UK. Now if the user sitting in USA is accessing your website, than his request goes to the data servers located in London UK. And here users face the latency, slow response time. Hence this results in bad user experience, increased in bounce rate because none likes to sit and wait. Now how to come up from this bad user experience? The solution is to setup CDN for your Website.

What CDN will do to cure the above obstacle?

The CDN have the data centers at various geographical location. Now suppose your website is powered by CDN. What CDN will do is cache the content of your website in their data centers at the various geographical location. Now the user sitting in USA is accessing your website, here the data center which is nearest to the user will respond to the request of the user.

Hence this will save the users time, and the content will be delivered from the CDN data servers, not from your hosting server. This will result in reduction of server load. Hope now you are clear about What is CDN?. Feel free to ask any query in comments.

What are the benefits of using CDN?

  • Enable Global reach
  • Due to optimized loading speed, the Google ranking will be improved
  • Saves cost for the limited bandwidth, as most content will be delivered by CDN data servers
  • Minimum Latency and ping time, hence users will be happy results in less bounce rate.

Get Free CDN for your domain

Setup up CDN for your website now and take maximum advantage. Hope this article gave you the better insights on Content Delivery Network and cleared your concept. If this article helped you than share with others. Keep Sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.