What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program, started by the Google. This program allows the publishers to place certain ads (i.e. Text ads, Display ads or Text-Display ads) on there website, content, videos. The ads servered by the Google Adsense is full managed, maintained and operated by Google. Publishers can generate a revenue through clicks and impression of ads on their website. Google Adsense is one of the easiest way to earn for bloggers or webmasters. There are certain protucts in Google Adsene like

Is your blog/website not approved? Know How to get your blog/website approved by Google Adsense

How to get started with Google Adsense?

1) Sign Up with your Google Account in Google Adsense

How to get started with Google Adsense

2) Enter your website url, which you wants to monetize in the second step

3) Fill the asked information in the third step

After completion of the above steps, Google Adsense will ask you to place the ad code on your website for the approval process.

[highlight background=”” color=””]Note: Your website should have enough content and also the navigation on your website should be well structured.[/highlight]

How will you generate and place ad code on your site?

1) Click on the “My ads” tab, from that click on “New ad unit

How to generate and place ads on the website


2) Enter the Name for your reference, so that later on you can identify the ad unit. Select the Ad size from the available options. Select the type of ads you want to display. You can modify the style, layout of the ad there.

How to generate ad code from Google Adsene

4) Once completed the above step, click on “Save and Get Code“. The code will be generated. Copy and paste the code in the body section of your website.

How to place Google Adsense ad code in website

Get started now and start earning.Google Adsense generates recurring income.

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