You would have definitely heard the word jailbreaking. If you are unaware of that term than here is the exhaustive guide for you, to better understand about jailbreaking. In this article i have described about jailbreaking with its pros and cons. Let’s know about it.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak or Jailbreaking is the term used for iOS devices.


iOS Jailbreaking is the process of getting rid of software restrictions imposed by the iOS an Apple Operating System to install other apps on your iPhone or iPad devices . This can be done by using the software exploits in order to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iTouch.  Mostly the smartphones and tablet makers imposes a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on their products. The main purpose of imposing a DRM is to limit the software usage or the implement the security.

In Layman terms Jailbreaking is the process of getting the Super User rights on your device to run an modified apps which are not approved or authorized by the manufacturer.

Technically, Jailbreaking can be said as the installing the modified kernel on your device and achieves the root-access or the super user access on the iOS and can run or execute the unauthorized code.  Root and the super user words came from UNIX, it means that they have full rights over the system.

Let me take the situation here for the better understanding.

Suppose you want to use some themes, additional application, few extensions which are unavailable on the official Apple App Store.  So now you are unable to use the desired things which you want to use but a jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iTouch user can use those desired themes or apps.

The alternative to Apple App Store is the Saurik’s alternative app store called Cydia. Cydia is not available on the app store nor it is a website. It is installed on your device by the Jailbreaking tools like Pangu, Taig.

Why Jailbreak?

  • Jailbreaking allows you to download the apps which are not available on the Apple App Store. This can be achieved by the app called Cydia which only appears in the Jailbroken devices.
  • To use the alternative of your default apps.
  • To take control over your System.
  • Customized controls, themes, and much more. You can personalize your device the way you want also called WinterBoard customization.
  • It is free and finally it is your device. So you can do whatever you want with that.

Why not Jailbreak?

  • Jailbreaking has a certain risks.
  • Jalibroken devices blocks the iOS updates. It become complex to update your iPhone/iPad/iTouch as compare to the UnJailbroken iPhone/iPad/iTouch.
  • Jailbroken devices goes unstable and crash occurs.
  • Apps released by the author which is not authorized and if they lack in maintaining those apps can bring instability.
  • You can face performance issues.
  • Warranty Voids: Once the devices is Jailbreaked say good bye to warranty. Apple will no longer give the warranty support.
  • Welcome to the Malware: iOS malware mainly focus on the jail-broken devices. Apps that are not authorized on the Apple official App store may consist of malware which may eavesdrop on your private communication and much more. Because you do not know which of the unapproved apps consist of the malware and can bug you out.
  • Is it worth to jailbreak your device to use Wireless hotspot on the risk of the warranty void, Instability and safety, performance issues, security?


I would like to conclude that weather you should jailbreak your device or not. Based on the above point and my personal opinion, I would say that you should not jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iTouch unless and until its an exceptional situation. There are thousands of apps available on the Apple App Store from which you can use.

I will write on how to jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch running iOS 9-9.0.2 in my next article. If this article hepled you than do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.