Before we understand about Public DNS, first let us know What is DNS?

What is DNS?

DNS; briefly known as Domain Name Service (or Server or System). DNS is an internet service that works as an interface between servers (machines) and humans. It serves as a translator. It is like Contact app in our phone, we have several number saved in our contact book. But when we call/text the particular contact than the call is being occur to the phone number and not the name of contact you assigned it. Here, in DNS also there is a similar concept.

Server does not understand the high-level (Human Readable) language and it is hard for humans to remember everything in numeric format. Let’s see how it works. Suppose you entered and requested the website from your browser, now this request will go with the DNS server to resolve the human readable form to machine readable form. DNS server will return an IP address for the request (For ex. It returned for After getting the IP address your browser will make request to the desired IP address and this request will respond with the website and that will be displayed on your browser. In short, it does the purpose of name resolution from high-language to numeric address (IP address) using recursive name server.

What is Public DNS?

DNS is provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the user. Since, the given DNS address is private and you need that DNS to access the Internet. Sometimes, it occurs that your DNS fails to resolve the request and it results in that you are unable to access the desired website. It could be possible that your ISP’s DNS is slow or you are unable to access some content. Public DNS could be the solution for these problems. Public DNS are freely available and easy to use. The servers that provide name resolution service to anyone over the internet which are completely free are said to be as Public DNS.  Public DNS are an alternative to your ISP’s DNS.

Here I am sharing few popular Public DNS provider

Google Public DNS

Open DNS


Comodo Secure DNS

Safe DNS

You can get full list of Public DNS provider at public-dns information. In my upcoming article i will share the information on how to configure Public DNS on your PC

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