While surfing online, you might have interacted with some sites that show checkbox and on the side it is written than I’m not a robot. So what is it? Why it is asking to tick on that checkbox? Don’t know? Continue reading and explore more on What is reCAPTCHA?.

reCAPTCHA is the free service provided by the Google, that prevent your website from spam and abuse. It uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHA. It verifies among the human users and the bots. It lets the human/valid  users pass through ease and bots are being blocked.

  • reCAPTCHA protects and defend your website from spam and abuse.
  • It uses advanced risk analysis techniques.
  • It knows when to be tough to keep the bots away.
  • Easy for humans to pass reCAPTCHA and tough for bots.
  • Accessible through audio CAPTCHA and here it becomes hard for bots to resolve.
A guide on implementation of reCAPTCHA on your WP website

Navigate to Google reCAPTCHA . Click on Get reCAPTCHA on the top-right corner.


What is reCAPTCHA?


Login with your Google Account. Enter the label for the reference. If you own multiple domains than you can list all the domain (one per line) and click on Register.


What is reCAPTCHA?


You will get two keys after register, Site Key and Secret Key. Those keys you need to copy and paste in client side integration and server side integration respectively.


What is reCAPTCHA?


After going through this article now you can successfully protect your website from spammers and abusers.

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