What is VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network technology or network method which adds and enhance the security and privacy to your public or private network connection. VPN is widely use in corporate network, government organisation, large organisation for keeping all the conversations private and secure, that takes place within the organisation. VPN routes all traffic over the secure virtual tunnel in encrypted form through the network, avoiding breach of important conversation in public network. Hence the data is in encrypted form, if someone gains access over the data but it would be quite hard to De-crypt the data.

With VPN your actual IP address would be replaced by the VPN service provider. For ex If your location revealed by actual IP address is New York, than this IP address & location would be overridden by the VPN service provider and it would pop up London or Tokyo or any other location. When you subscribe to the VPN service that it provides you the unique PIN or unique username and password in order to successfully connect with the VPN service.

Before jumping to Does VPN provides Anonymity? lets explore more about VPN.

Types of VPN

Remote VPNs

Remote VPNs are also known as Virtual Private Dial-Up Network (VPDN). Remote VPNs are basically used by individuals to connect the computer to the private network to surf the web. Again it is used by the corporate for connecting to the company’s network remotely when he/she is outside the company.

Site-To-Site VPNs

Site-To-Site VPN servers the Virtual Privacy in large corporate environment. It is used when multiple remote computers needs to get connected to the main server and it manages multiple networks and act as a single network and ensures encryption.



Why you would use VPN? VPN technology adds security and privacy and makes your data secure and encrypted over the network from the prying eyes. It secures your Wifi, Hotspot, network. You can access the resource that is prohibited geologically. Gives you access to restricted resource and provides encryption. Hide’s your actual IP address and provides privacy.


How To Choose Better VPN

Without going in much depth technically, I would focus on basic and main points for choosing the better VPN.

Payment Methods

Various VPN providers have varying payment methods like Debit card, Visa card, Credit card, Paypal. The best VPN allows you pay through gift cards or by using bitcoins.


You should look for OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec protocols. L2TP/IPSec   should be used and supported as a part of the good encryption strength. While the best part of OpenVPN is that it is configurable and its secure. OpenVPN is open source.


You should go through the privacy policy of the VPN provider to check how logs are treated. The best VPNs does not store logs.

OS and hardware

Check the compatibility with different OS like Windows, Mac, various Browsers and is it compatible with various hardware like PC, Mobile Phones, Tablet. The best VPN is compatible with the various hardware.


Check the price you are paying is worth the services? VPN plans comes with various options like monthly subscription or yearly package. I recommend you to choose the monthly subscription as if you are trying. Because if you subscribe for yearly package and it might result in unliking the product within some time.

Other than this features you should check for the customer support, Extra Services, Speeds.


Does VPN Provides  Anonymity

You choose the best VPN. You paid for the services. But, Is the usage of  VPN makes your identity anonymous over the Internet? The truth is VPN can provide the enhanced privacy and security but not anonymity. You can trust the words written in privacy policies but actually no one knows whether the logs are stored or not. Though they say that they provide anonymity but at point of time an user id and passwords or PIN is required to use the service. A VPN service with no-logging policy admitted that they had installed the packet sniffing software to monitor traffic. So its not appropriate to admit the VPN takes you fully anonymous online.

In my next article, i have described some of the best VPN service you can go for along with pros and cons. Hope this article would have cleared the concept regarding VPN. Share with your friends if found useful. Know Top 5 VPN Myths you should stop believing now

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