Recently, WhatsApp is introducing, rolling change and introducing new features day by day and making WhatsApp more efficient and increased functionality. Before a couple of days, WhatsApp have introduced the Bold and Italics features for formatting text in chat. Now in the latest update of the WhatsApp, they have introduced the strikethrough formatting feature along with the Bold and Italics features. In my previous post i have shared the way to perform Bold and Italics formatting in the chat. So, impress your friends with the help of these Bold, Italic and Strikethrough formatting features.

Here is how you can perform the formatting with the Bold, Italics & Strikethrough


To perform Bold formatting in text, place your text between asterisk (*) symbol. Like this is *Bold* text.

To perform Italic formatting in text, place your text between underscore (_) symbol. Like this is _Italic_ text.

To perform Strikethrough formatting in text, place your text between the tilde (~) symbol. Like this is ~Strikethrough~ text.


WhatsApp Bold, ITalic, Strikethrough feature


So this was the ways by which you can perform the preferred formatting while chatting with your friends. Hope you will enjoy using these features and also some exciting features will be awaited from WhatsApp. WhatsApp parent organization Facebook has organized the F8 Facebook Developer conference on April 12 & 13 2016. Hoping the best outcome from it. You can watch live and also sign up from here for the F8 Facebook Developer.

Enjoy formatting on WhatsApp and stay tuned for more latest updates for the same.

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