WordPress, the most popular and widely used CMS. Here in this article i have covered the basics of WordPress. But it is worth reading for those who are willing to host the website or blog with WordPress for the first time.

Know about WordPress with few reasons for why you should use WordPress along with some of the popular entity listed below, who are using WordPress. Let’s explore.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is the free,online, open-source content management system (CMS) used for online creation of the website. WordPress is based on the PHP an MySQL. WordPress is one of the most powerful and easiest tool used for blogging and creating your website today. You need to host your site on localhost or on the web host.


Who uses WordPress?

Since it is open-source, you might be thinking that it might be not used by a big brands. But its not that simple. Here are some of the big brands that too uses and take advantage of the powerful CMS today.


1)  Sony Music


What Is WordPress Who Uses WordPress Why WordPress


2) BBC America


What Is WordPress Who Uses WordPress Why WordPress


3) The New Yorker


What Is WordPress Who Uses WordPress Why WordPress


4) Google Ventures


What Is WordPress Who Uses WordPress Why WordPress

5) Beyonce


What Is WordPress Who Uses WordPress Why WordPress


The above are the few,  if still curious to know more such big brands than head over to WordPress Showcase

WordPress comes up with a bunch of  thousands of free themes and also premium themes. You can easily switch between themes, that will allow user to change the look and feel functionality of the website or blog. WordPress themes are structured by using PHP, HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).


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WordPress Plugin architecture allows you to extend the features and functionality of your website or blog. The good part is that WordPress have more than 40,500 plugins which can come up with bundle of features and make your website or blog awesome. Below there are few reasons to use WordPress.


Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is Free to use and Open-Source
  • WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform
  • It is Safe and Secure
  • It can handle various media types
  • It is the best Content Management System to build your Website
  • It is flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective


This is what the power of WordPress. Its is quite easy to install and use WordPress on almost any hosting provider. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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