Welcome to the new tutorial series on AWS Audio Analysis. I hope you are finding my tutorials helpful. In this series, I’m going to collectively use AWS services like Lambda, Transcribe, S3 and few other. Here, I’m going to take you through phase 1 architecture diagram since I have broken it into as small as possible.

Starting such series with architecture diagram will give you the overall idea that where we are heading and information about the flow. Let’s have a look at the architecture.

aws audio analysis

The goal in phase 1 is to effectively transcribe the audio and store it in S3 bucket. Drop the file in an audio folder in S3 bucket and it will trigger the lambda function. The lambda function is responsible for creating the transcribe job and later store the output in the transcribefile folder in the S3 bucket.

As in phase 2, I’m going to introduce services like Comprehend and QuickSight for analysis and visuals. Well, that’s all for now. Watch out the video for more.

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