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How to Disable Accidental Voice Message Recording in WhatsApp for iPhone

How to Disable accidental Voice message recording in iPhone

WhatsApp voice message feature is great and it comes handy when user cannot type a message (for ex: while driving) and send a voice message within the conversation. Sometimes this feature is proved messy because many users, including myself accidentally send voice message to individual or in a group without any confirmation. Well, you cannot […]

7 Video Sharing sites to try over YouTube

Video sharing and uploading have became the best experience over the internet. YouTube is undoubtedly the leading video sharing and video uploading website. YouTube is very strict with it’s Terms and Conditions. What if you want the alternative to YouTube or someday YouTube goes down or if your account is terminated or suspended by YouTube? […]

7 Tweaks to Boost Mozilla Firefox

Tweaks to Boost Mozilla Firefox

Browsers: the software bundle that everyone uses to surf over the internet. There are lots of browser software bundle available to choose from. Few of the most popular browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE and Opera. User seeks speed and instant browsing features without any performance degrade in the browser. Well, in every browser […]